8 Mile Road
Old Timers' Club
20402 Santa Barbara      Detroit, MI  48221


CAN YOU ​​Guess Who these 8 Mile Road Old Timers are?  List r ow 1: top left to right, row 2: left to right, and so on. ​ Who do you know?  Fill in your name, email, and tell us!

8 Mile Rd. Old Timers' Club Dinner Dance

Double Tree Hotel Detroit, MI -  May 16, 2017
A good turnout, 8 Milers enjoyed the night celebrating their love and many years of friendship with a dinner dance at the Double Tree Hotel in Detroit, Michigan. So, with a little fun, the video is designed for your interest and the pleasure of the editor. 


Guess Who Gallery

  1. Stanley Phillips, Kanchon Hall, Pearl Calloway
  2. Costella Simmons Winbush
  3. (L to R) Efret Oliver and William Powell
  4. Gloria Owens-Butler and her friend
  5. Title 5
  6. Title 6
  7. Title 7
  8. Title 9
  9. Title 10
  10. Title 11
  11. Title 12
  12. Title 12
  13. Title 13
Pictures are from various locations, such as the Joe Louis Playfield, the park behind the old Beaubien Junior High School, and other affairs in Detroit.