8 Mile Road
Old Timers' Club
20402 Santa Barbara      Detroit, MI  48221

The Mission

The Motto

The Legacy

The 8 Mile Road Old Timers Club preserves and promotes the history of the community, and unification of its residents through strategic initiatives, annual picnics, and other social events.
The Dependable and Dedicated motto is reflective of the perservence and ethic that the 8 Milers instilled in its close knit families, whom with the love and tenacity of the community, passed on this legacy to its children to be the gem of generations now, and in the future.
The area business community has always been part of the rich residential 8 Mile Road membership.  We encourage those new and older to join us in preserving the history of this community,  
Please contact us in the link above for more information in sending your 8 Mile Road communitry history.  
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8 Mile Rd. Old Timers' Club

Shirt sales, registration of new and those younger longer 8 Mile Road Old Timers' may join and find other helpful information by clicking on the "Events" link.  View the "Contact" link for information on current club officers and meetings.
As a charitable community based organization we purpose to promote, encourage, and engage in social and recreational activities along with the gathering of community historical documentation to educate the community of its long-standing traditions. These activities will serve to enhance community enthusiasm, cohesiveness, stability, and pride.

Our Partnerships

The 8 Mile Road Old Timers' Club has joined in partnership with the Greening of Detroit's Parks and Greenways Program to improve the landscaping of Joe Louis Park and other areas.  For more information, click on the Events link at the top of the page.