8 Mile Road
Old Timers' Club
20402 Santa Barbara      Detroit, MI  48221

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Some of the 8 Mile Road residents have been around for more than 90 years and still here.  We'd like to acknowledge their consistency and endearing love for the community, where they frequented since childhood.  Attending local churches in the neighborhood, such as Oak Grove that was once on Kentucky, Church of Christ was across the street from the Johnson Recreation Center on Chippewa.  Most neighborhood children attended Higginbotham School on Chippewa on Wisconsin and before that was built, the Burdhurst School.

The old Duke Theatre on 8 Mile Road and Wyoming was a frequent place of entertainment, the Old Timers' remember well.  There are many more exciting memories.  So, click the links to explore more and enjoy. 
The 8 Mile Road Old Timers' Club was formed to ensure the legacy of growing up in this unique side of town continued to preserve its history.  This was a settlement of new housing for black folk looking for better and clean neighborhoods in the forties and early fifties. 

​​Why not us, was a question most answered in this community of many successful members who are serving as lawyers, teachers, clergy, entreprenuers, and multiple professions around the city.

Why Us?

This area can be edited and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself.  This area can be edited and gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself.


We welcome your input, and would love to document your history on 8 Mile Road. You may send your early 8 Mile  pictures to 8milerdoldtimersclub.com, or mail to                    8 Mile Old Timers' Club, 20402 Santa Barbara, Detroit, MI  48221.
Pictures can not be returned. Please send a good copy.